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It is our commitment to serve everyone who requires locksmith assistance effectively. As part of this commitment, we have created this web page which contains practical tips on various topics related to locks and keys. Make full use of them by reading them carefully and applying them in the relevant situations.

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Check the emergency exit locks

If you have an emergency exit at your company, check the locking system often. This is crucial for two reasons. If the locks fail to work properly, people will be trapped in case of emergencies. If these door locks don't operate okay, they will also be vulnerable entry points and will let burglars in. It's best to ask our technicians for solutions.

Broke up? Rekey the locks

Break ups between couples might lead to break-ins, especially if the ending was not in the best of terms. The spouse moving out might return and use the original key to upset or meddle in your life. So, rekey the locks in order to have a new key and make sure to keep it only for yourself!

Troubleshoot a sticky lock with lubrication

It's best to use a graphite powder lubricant that's specially formulated for locks. Thanks to the long and thin nozzle, it is quite easy to apply. Just place it inside the keyway and squeeze the tube until some of the compound starts coming out. Apply a bit of the compound on the key's blade and turn it several times inside the lock. Generally, it is useful to clean the lock before applying a lubricant.

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