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Moved In? Don't Forget Lock Rekey

07/05/2015 Back To Blog

A friend had rented a new place. He painted the walls, fixed some cabinets, and performed some plumbing work having in mind to enjoy his stay in the new apartment. He did all sorts of home improvements but rekeying the door locks. We were all invited to celebrate his first day in the new apartment. While we were sitting around having fun, the front door suddenly opened and the landlord announced that he was just checking up that everything was okay. He didn't knock on the door; he didn't call to ask if everything was alright! He just opened the door. We were all astonished. Such cases might not happen frequently but they are not rare either.Moved In? Don't Forget Lock Rekey


People still holding on to keys of the previous homes return to get something they left behind and don't even bother to think that someone else might be living in the same house. Landlords, who think they have the right to come and go whenever they please, and forget that once their property is rented, the tenant has the right of his privacy. Such matters are related to our security and are certainly not funny. There is nothing accidental about using the key of a property, where you don't reside, to open the door. Such actions are intentional and that's why residential lock rekey is essential. Even if they don't take place with the intent of stealing, are not excusable


Rekeying locks is the solution to landlord intrusions


Rekey the locks. Today, even the most high security door locks can be rekeyed. Every time you move to a new place or even when a co-tenant moves out, rekeying is the solution to security. Do you know how often ex-boyfriends or co-tenants return back to get a couple of dishes belonging to them and don't bother knocking! It's not always about protecting your valuables although this is the number one reason for lock rekey. It's also a matter of keeping boundaries between your private world and the rest of the world. We often don't give home keys even to our parents let alone strangers or old acquaintances.


When the locks are rekeyed, their configuration actually changes. So, the existing key won't fit in the rekeyed lock. That's excellent news! Nobody can enter your home! The most important point about having the locks rekeyed is that it comes with key change. The new one will be yours and yours alone and even the most innocent intrusion will be avoided.

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