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Introduction to Master Key Systems

07/05/2015 Back To Blog

It is easy for homeowners to manage home locks and keys because of their small number and because of the small number of their users as well. But what happens with an entire office building or apartment building? In such cases, a master key system is established. If you are a business owner or you plan to invest in an entire residential rental unit, you will certainly benefit from learning about these systems.Introduction to Master Key Systems


Principles, Designs and Benefits


This is a system of door locksets. It typically covers an entire building, but it could encompass only a specific section of it. Each lock can be operated with an individual key which works only for it and for none of the other locking devices within the system. There is also one master key which can be used on all locking devices included in the system. In an office building, for instance, each employee has a key to his office while the managing director holds the master one.


Most modern master key systems are fairly complex and consist of several levels and sections. They are functionally designed before the lock installation process begins. There can be two or more levels between the grand master key and the individual keys. Using the example above, the mid-level managers can have submaster keys which work only for the doors operated by their team members. Sections are created in very large companies with many departments. Each department has its own master system with different levels, but there is also a grand key that can open all doors in the building.


The primary benefit of these systems is the higher level of security that they provide. They enable managers to have greater control over the security of doors in each section. Another great benefit is that the risk of an office lockout is reduced to the possible minimum. These situations are resolved almost immediately when they occur due to misplaced or broken office keys. This allows for keeping the optimal level of productive efficiency at all times. The presence of another key can be of great help in case of other emergencies as well. An employee locked inside an office can be released quickly without the need for damaging the locking device.


While a master key system can provide many benefits, it requires effective management as well. The person or team responsible for it must monitor the users of the system and on the number and types of keys that they have.

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